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Feb 02 2015

Please Help My Students See Selma!
“Martin Luther King, Jr.? Miss, who’s that?” The question stopped me in my tracks and caused me to turn around with an uncontrollable look of disbelief.  I’m not a stranger to the disproportionate representation of black faces and history in many American classrooms, but Dr. King? Surely everyone in America knows him, even if they only know the sterilized narrative of his life and efforts. As I talked with my students throughout the day, I learned that this student was not alone in their lacking knowledge of Dr. King. It broke my heart. This man, Coretta Scott-King—his wife—and his children sacrificed everything to bring into fruition a dream that could only be believed in through a combination of desperation and unshakeable faith. Why does this matter to you? I’m asking for your help and like Dr. King, I am desperate, but have unshakeable faith that you can help. In January, Ava…

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Jun 06 2014

So Far…

Day One Is Done   So, I’ve completed day one of my TFA Oklahoma Pre-Service and I’m beginning to get a sense of what they mean when they say the schedule is rigorous. While we haven’t met our students or started the 6am-10:30pm schedule yet, I’m still so tired. Granted, I didn’t sleep the day…

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Mar 29 2014

Leaning In

So, Thursday night I participated in a Diversity Call as part of an onboarding activity for TFA Oklahoma. In the days leading up to the call, I was voraciously trying to soak up as much of the pre-work related to the call as possible. Additionally, I was searching for outside information and references. I wanted…

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